C2 SP-VET-SHORT – Short-term joint staff training event

The training event took place in SETUGS Mihajlo Pupin, Skopje, North Macedonia between 13-18th of January, 2020.Presenters and trainers were Zivko Kokolanski, Bodan Velkovski and Tomislav Shuminoski.

The training event covered two aspects: dissemination of knowledge about the designed RVL collaborative platform, and teachers training in order to be capable to implement and maintain virtual experiments on the platform. The university-related partner institutions were involved in performing the training, whereas the teachers from secondary school partners were the main attendances. The training program was in-line with the developed multimedia interactive tutorials. To achieve the foreseen goals, the following topics were covered:

– The use of interactive multimedia training courses for RVL collaborative platform

– Presentation of the proof-of-concepts virtual laboratory exercise realizations

– On-design of virtual laboratory experiments

– Implementation of developed virtual experiments and integration into RVL collaborative platform

This training event will be used for initial evaluation of the multimedia tutorials and teachers technology satisfaction in order to consider improvement actions.

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