Results expected after project completed:

There are several benefits (results) regarding the implementation of this projects. We can, however, organize them into several categories:

1. New teaching methodology for integration of collaborative learning applied to remote virtual laboratories in VET.

Education is becoming interactive because of new possibilities brought up by the actual ICT technologies. If not continually updated with this technology trends, traditional methods will soon become obsolete. However, special attention has to be paid to the methodological problems in introducing remote and collaborative laboratories in the teaching and learning process. The research in this field will contribute to the development of improved teaching methodology of incorporating ICT and RVLs in VET practice.

2. Development of a flexible and easy-to-work virtual laboratory platform which integrates international collaborative learning.

The current experience shows that the benefits of their implementation supports a number of generic qualities, such as: practice-based learning, state-of-the-art technology availability, as well as the international perspective – one of the seven qualities formulated by the education entities. The platform must be simple-enough to motivate teachers to implement and maintain laboratory experiments in a collaborative environment.

3. Teachers training and realization of educational materials for sustainability of the developed platform.

This education concept implies that the teacher’s role in the teaching process is undergoing change. A teacher has to be a class manager, e-curriculum developer and user, which places more attention on teacher training. Teachers have to receive adequate training in order to ensure project sustainability as well.

4. Increased student’s satisfaction of incorporating new technologies and knowledge improvements.

The project will undergo initial evaluation of the pupil’s performances when using RVLs in a collaborative environment. Such evaluation will require a very well structured survey in order to produce reliable results. In any case, it is expected that the use of all these tools in complementary ways will provide the pupils with better opportunities and better knowledge.