1. New teaching methodology for integration of collaborative learning applied to remote virtual laboratories in VET.

Education is becoming interactive because of new possibilities brought up by the actual ICT technologies. If not continually updated with this technology trends, traditional methods will soon become obsolete. However, special attention has to be paid to the methodological problems in introducing remote and collaborative laboratories in the teaching and learning process. The research in this field will contribute to the development of improved teaching methodology of incorporating ICT and RVLs in VET practice.

2.Methodology analyses for collaborative learning platform with integrated remote laboratory environment in vocational education and training

3. Conference paper from Corela Erazmus+ Project published from IEEE, presented on
IWSSIP 2019 Conference 5-7th of June in Osijek, Republic of Croatia.

This paper presents the ongoing Erasmus+ project which deals with increasing attractiveness of engineering education through innovative teaching methods using remote laboratories. The goal of the project is to develop a common platform, which will be used by all involved partners in secondary schools. The platform is based on a graphical user interface and it resulted in a new graphical language. The platform has abilities to compute simple arithmetical, mathematical and logical operations, as well as it can interact with data acquisition equipment A common collaborative platform will enable students to interact between each other and solve exercises efficiently.

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